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Our Journey started in 1950s in Gaziantep/Turkey as one of the first pasta manufacturers in food industry.

In 2000s we have established our new company Eman Agro in order to produce and offer the best possible products to our customers from around the World. We are investing continuously to widen our range of products in drink powders and creating new products by using the best ingredients.

Our experience of tens of years in manufacturing and exporting business, and expectations of our customers leads,  encourages and motivates us to work harder and be more creative all the time.

We always move forward, we are always with our valued customers…

Products of emanagro

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From instant drink powders in sachets to drink powders in buckets, to baking aids.. See what we offer

65 years of experience in the food industry turned into Eman Agro ...

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Valore Drink
Frio Cups

The main brands manufactured and presented by Eman Agro ...